Music and interactive sound installation for dance theatre project Un, directed by Marie Gourdain. Piezo sensors are attached to stripes on the scene, which the dance performer plays on. On the top of this, accompanying playback is mixed and tweaked live according to performer's movement.

(Premiere 7.1.2016 in Olomouc, CZ)

Ironic Ferrum

Interactive music for Ironické Ferrum new-circus performance inspired by "iron" by Cirkus Mlejn. During performance performers played metal "instruments" (bucket, heater, clothes peg and pot-lid). Piezo triggers and DSP processing were used to amplify and improve live signal with melodic elements. Some playback support was also used. (Premiere 24.6.2014 in Praha, CZ)

Ztrácíme puls

Music for 40 min Czech Radio documentary Ztrácíme puls. Made using sounds collected during recording (2015)

Jedinečné (excerpt)

Music for radio comedy Jedinečné (The Uniques). Directed by Lukáš Kopecký. (Czech Radio, 2015)


15s radio commercial, played on paper boxes (2003)